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What documentation do you require to perform a rating?

There are a number of plans and documentation we require, and all of this is contained on our Job Request Form available here.

In addition to the information given in this form, we will also need:

  • Elevations, Site plans, House plans inc NORTH point, floor coverings & additional ventilation locations.
  • Window Schedule showing height and width.
  • Door Schedule (if possible) showing height and width.
  • Electrical Plan showing locations, wattage and if downlights are sealed or unsealed.
Will my house rate as 6 stars?
A 6 star house can come in many shapes and sizes, but it is worthwhile noting that as houses increases in size it can become harder to obtain 6 stars or higher.

While every house is different, and it is hard to know at the outset how the plan will rate, there are a few key elements which can help to achieve a higher rating. One of the most important is ensuring the house has good orientation that allows for solar gain from the North in winter, and effective shading from the summer heat.

Glazing has a large impact on the rating, and it is important to consider the amount of glazing in proportion to the floor area. If there is a higher percentage of glazing, higher performing glazing will need to be considered to offset this. In addition, ensuring the walls, roof and even underfloor has good insulation values.

What if I haven't chosen my windows or insulation levels yet?
No problem at all! If you are unsure of your exact specification, we can input the plans provided and give you the most economical solutions for insulation and glazing to ensure you reach the energy efficiency rating. We send these suggestions to you for your confirmation prior to final certification.
I'm only doing an extension, do I have to have the whole house rated?
Not necessarily! We will initially attempt to meet the energy efficiency requirements for the extension only. However this may be difficult if there is a significant amount of glazing area compared to the floor area, or the orientation may be not be ideal (ie. if the extension is on the South side of the building). In this case we would need to perform a whole of house rating which takes into account a larger floor area to glazing ratio and may enable a successful pass. This exercise will also give a more accurate picture of how the extension will perform in conjunction with the rest of the house.

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